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"I can't recommend Dr. Johnson enough! I had a number of health issues & she was able to eradicate them all by prescribing me the supplements I lacked. She also takes the time to find supplements that are organic and contain no heavy metals and orders them for me at a very reasonable cost. What more could anyone ask for? I feel very fortunate to have her in my life."  - Sylvi Harwin





"We were very grateful to be referred to Dr. Johnson. Our son was suffering from substance and other issues and he turned to us for help. We thought about sending him to a treatment facility but did not feel comfortable with that option.  Our son's situation was so bad that he was afraid to go to the grocery store by himself. He switched colleges to be able to live at home and barely could manage his 7 credit load that first semester.


Our family all met Dr. Johnson at the initial visit.  This was very useful as my husband and other son all wanted to support our younger son in getting better. Our son had an immediate trusting relationship with Dr. Johnson. He has come so far in the past three years under her care that we can hardly remember how bad off he was in the beginning.  While there were definitely ups and downs for our son, Dr. Johnson prepared us for that and was always available to consult with regarding our son's progress.  As a parent, I cannot think of a better, more capable person to entrust with my son's ongoing care. "  - Laura





"Before I met Dr. Johnson, I was stuck in a very low point in my life. With her help, I was able to get out of those dark times. Dr. Johnson cares deeply about her patients' well being. I see her as a friend who helped me through homeopathy, naturopathic medicine and communication, rather than just being my doctor. Thank you Cheryl." - John





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